2nd night back


Night two.  More blocking of steering column.

The more I compare this model kit to the artwork I want to deviate, but i’m still finding it useful blocking volumes against the kit.


Modelling Still continues…

Modelling Still continues...

Game of Thrones had stolen my attention away from this but I’m glad to say I’ve finally come back to it.

Had been fairly focused on back end and although there is still work to do there my attention is shifting to the front. I finally managed to overcome some internal hesitation and begin refining.

Next I begin looking at the internal structures and steering column.

Material Tagging Exercise

Material Tagging Exercise

Found this in my Modo buffer. Partial surface material tagging using a modified turboSquid asset.

Four materials: Yellow, Chrome, Dark Metal and Glow.

It’s enjoyable testing the effect of different combinations and balance of 4 simple material types applied at a geometry polygon level.